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07 May 2003 - #10


Airfreight Fuel Surcharges to be Reduced

Reductions in global oil prices and subsequent reductions in jet fuel prices have led the majority of the world's air carriers to announce that they will decrease their fuel surcharges to 0.10 USD/kg, effective in early May.

In keeping with Expeditors' policy of passing through these surcharges at cost, Expeditors will decrease the fuel surcharge on air freight shipments exporting from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East , Africa, the Indian Sub-Continent, and the South Pacific to the amount of 0.10 USD/kg, effective May 9, 2003.

Due to the fact that fuel surcharges are regulated by the governments of several countries in Asia, Expeditors provides information on the fuel surcharge levels for Asian origins by posting a surcharge matrix. Expeditors will continue to update this matrix as these surcharge levels change.


(If you are unable to access the matrix via the above link, please go to and open this Newsflash via the link from Expeditors' home page. Open the matrix from the link in the on-line version.)

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