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Guatemala Extends Paperless Customs Declaration Process to Two Ports


On November 25, 2014, Guatemala Customs extended its paperless declaration process to Santo Tomás de Castilla, making it the second port after Puerto Barrios to accept customs declarations via electronic means.

Guatemala originally published the new regulations in February, 2014, followed by a release in May, 2014, in which Vice President Roxana Baldetti and authorities from the Guatemalan Revenue Administration (SAT) confirmed the implementation will be staged into different phases, extending the service to numerous ports within the next six months.

The objectives of this program are:
• Reduce duration of customs clearance processes.
• Remove paper usage by 90%.
• Strengthen the management capacity of the Customs Service.
• Integrate the scanned documents.
• Provide authenticity of electronic documents.
• Improve revenue service through efficient processes.
• Increase country competitiveness through foreign trade improved processes.

Currently, without the paperless process, 47 documents are required to be submitted to customs, whereas the new program reduced the number to seven. The next port to be activated is Express Aéreo port.

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